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This is what I have to say to cancer!

Snickers, tooling around in style.

This is my nephew Corey, all set for baseball season.

These are my nephews, Dylan and Jordan.

This is Jordan, Dylan, and their cousin Crystal. After a shaving cream fight.

More shaving cream.

This is a picture I took of a whale while out on a boat east of Boston. It's a humpback whale, and it was bigger than the boat.

This is my nephew Corey.

This is Snickers and Corey napping.

This is my sister's dog, Al. Al is half black lab and half frisbee catching dog.

This is a picture I took from a boat going into Plymouth Harbor.

This is my sister Robin's cat Dunkin and his freind Mr. Squirell.

This is my mother's cat, Monster Pepper, before and after his last haircut. He needs another haircut now though, we can't find his feet.

This is my cat, Princess. I was going to put up a recent (bald) picture of myself, but I decided that my cat is much more photogenic right now. :)

I was looking for a good, happy picture, and I came across this one. It's long before I was diagnosed. I feel like this picture could have been taken a hundred years ago! I'm the second one from the left, the guy next to me is my very good friend Rich.

Here's another one of my cat.

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