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I have tons of graphics and backgrounds that I've made. I'll be putting more up here, and they're free for the taking. To see how any of these backgrounds tile on an actual page, just click the file name under the background. This will open a new window. To save the backgrounds to your hard drive, right click on the picture in the table below, or in the new window, and choose ~save background as~. If you have any questions about how to save these, please feel free to e-mail me at If you use any of these graphics on your web page, I would appreciate a link back to my site, it's Thanks!

aqua.jpg aquamarble.jpg back.GIF back14.jpg
backsage.jpg bflf.gif bknew.gif winter.gif
blpu.gif blue.gif blues.jpg blupur.jpg
blur.jpg bluswirl.jpg bpswirl.jpg bubbles.jpg
canvas.gif cobalt.gif confetti.jpg confetti2.jpg
gembo.gif green.gif greensw.jpg ltswirl.jpg
newsprint.jpg orc.gif oxf.gif pastel.jpg
pat0001.gif pbubbles.jpg peach.gif peachsw.gif
pinksw.gif psw.jpg pswirl.jpg purem.gif
purpcanvas.jpg purplesw.gif raincir.gif vsw.jpg
wallpaper.jpg yelorng.jpg flowerbg.jpg bknew.gif

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