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December, 2002

Everything is still going well, healthwise. I continue to have some issues with radiation recall in my leg, but nothing major. One of the scars below my collar bone has become really sensitive, but that has been explained before as damage under the skin from chemical burns from one of the chemo drugs leaking. Again, nothing major. All in all, a really good time for me healthwise! Next CT, MRI's, bloodwork, etc., etc., are scheduled for January. My appointment with Dr. Harmon (hematology, oncology - he does the follow up) is on January 16th, so I will post the news after that. Everyone think "no more cancer" for me, please!

September, 2002

June scans were clear for sarcoma, but still evidence of the sarcoidosis. I have to say, I still do not notice it. My bloodwork In April showed higher than normal levels of some liver stuff (how's that for technical? Just when I thought I knew every medical term in the book!). They have been following it, and when I had my June scans, the levels were closer to normal. So, more bloodwork... and still the levels are closer to normal than not. They wanted to make sure the sarcoidosis was not affecting my liver (that would cause elevated levels in my bloodwork), and the conclusion is that the high levels they got in April were just a freak thing. So... next scans are in December, and next Sarcoidosis appointment is in FEBRUARY! Yep, you read right. They are no longer considering the sarcoidosis a serious threat to my health (they are considering it to be in "remission" even though I never had any active symptoms), so we are going 6 months between those appointments too. I remember the days when I longed for just one week without Dr's appointments or hospital stays... now I have entire MONTHS without Dr's and hospitals!

I have had some stress at work lately, but typing the above news gives me some much needed perspective. I have to say that my work problems seem insignificant right now. It's so easy to loose sight of what's really important and get caught up in all the petty details of life. My health is the important part. Some of the members on the sarcoma list serv I belong to on ACOR have lost their fight with sarcoma recently, and this gives me perspective too. I know how lucky I am. My thoughts are with their families and friends. It's just so wrong -this damn disease.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002, 12:20pm (EDT)

I admit it... I've been really bad about keeping this page updated. I just changed the e-mail address, as my new e-mail is: Everything has been going great! I had check ups in August and in December, and graduated to six month visits. So my next appointment is in June 2002. The sarcoidosis shows up on the scans, and blood work shows some abnormalities that are attributed to the sarcoidosis, but no more cancer! I hope I get to hear that for a long time. They are choosing not to treat the sarcoidosis at this time because I'm not showing any major effects of it. It could continue like this, not causing any major problems, and if it escelates, they will treat me with predisone. Yuck. Hope it dosn't come to that

I decided to take two classes this semester, at Cape Cod Community College, they are "Introduction to Computer Information Systems" and "The Legend of King Arthur". Classes are going well, and I'm really enjoying the whole being in school thing. Work is going smoothly, though we still do not have a boss, maybe that's why it's going smoothly, hehe. And I went on vacation to SanDiego in March! Jacqui and I went to visit Dustin and had an awesome time. Can't wait to go back! There is so much to do, you could really spend a month there. We went to Magic Mountain and Mexico as well, I can't think of a better vacation. Jacqui and I were actually happy that our flight out was delayed a couple of hours, we sat outside the airport and worked on our tans some more.

Within the next few days, I'll be re-doing the pictures section of this page, to include some pictures from SanDiego, some from Heather and Greg's wedding in January, and some from Robin's Christmas party in December. So stop back soon!

Oh- and a hair update-- I have lots of hair- lots of really curly darker uncontrolable hair. Clairol made it blonde again, and I can't do anything with it. I love it! I know I made the statement some where along the way when I was doing chemo that I couldn't remember what I looked like with hair. Now, I can't remember what I looked like bald.

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